Code of Conduct

All members must agree to operate at all times under the full and most current version of the Code of Conduct:

  • The following is a summary of behavior that is strictly prohibited:
  • Operating under a false or anonymous identity
  • Soliciting others to speak or share information on your behalf, or complying with such requests
  • Using intimidation, humiliation, or attack tactics when engaging with Parents in Tech Alliance
  • Harassing or discriminating against others
  • Physically harming others
  • Excessive self-promotion and excessive reference to/promotion of your company
  • Promoting commercial offerings on behalf of yourself or your business in the Q&A forum or in the Announcements section (e.g., disseminating your newsletter, sharing information about your services, publicizing your fee-based events or resources, linking to your website or services outside of the marketplace, publicizing free events that are designed to identify customers, soliciting endorsements from members)
  • Using Parents in Tech Alliance members’ personal information (name, email address, phone number, etc.) to advance your business interests
  • Soliciting members as customers or as a source of free labor
  • Breaking confidentiality of personal or institutional identifiable information of discussions addressed within the group
  • Disclosing partial or complete records shared with the group unless permission is explicitly stated in writing

The Code of Conduct applies to all Parents in Tech Alliance throughout all activities. This includes, but is not limited to, our online platform, mailing lists, virtual events, and in-person events.

Report Code of Conduct violations here: